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I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Rod and Fraser who installed the heat pump yesterday afternoon
in some quite trying conditions.

Not only was the weather very wet, but my cottage from 1938 really hasn’t got any level floors or square corners.
The cottage has double cladding and everything is done DIY, I think.

Rod and Fraser definitely came across quite some hurdles, but they worked away at it… supported each other
by suggesting other ways to solve the problems and kept their good humour.

I particularly liked the way the both offered assistance and suggestions to each other and Rod definitely is a good
mentor to any trainee I would have thought.

Finally I would like to thank them both for putting up with my at times very enthusiatic 18 months old German
Shepherd … who just wanted to help all the time.

Rod and Fraser tidied up and cleaned after themselves and didn’t leave here until 6.30pm …. BRAVO.

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