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How long should my Air Conditioner last?

The average life span with regular maintenance is approximately 10-15 years and occasionally, we replace units over 20 years old that have been well maintained.

What is the ideal temperature to set my air conditioner to?

We recommend setting the unit on 21 degrees on either heating or cooling to maintain “perpetual spring”. If you wish to leave it running over night, setting the unit at 16-18 degrees on heating will allow the room to stay warm over the period of the night. It will also not cause the unit to work overtime when you turn the temperature up in the morning to 21. We recommend keeping the cooling temperature at 21-23 overnight.

What's the difference between a split and a multi-split system?

A split system has one indoor unit operating off one outdoor unit. A multi split unit has multiple indoor units operating off one outdoor unit.

What is an inverter air conditioner?

An inverter is a device used to control the speed of the compressor motor to drive variable refrigerant flow in an air conditioning system to regulate the conditioned-space temperature, the nearer the room temperature is to the thermostat setting the slower the compressor speed and the lower the power consumption

How often do I need to clean or change filters?

Filters in a heat pump should be checked fortnightly to determine the frequency required for cleaning. Your carpet, pets and the amount of dust in your home, amongst other factors, will determine how often your filters need to be changed. Once a frequency has been established you can clean your filters by removing them from the indoor unit and giving them a brush down, a vacuum or a rinse. It’s to remember that the filters must dry after cleaning and not to run your heat pump without filters installed.

What Does a service include?

  • Thorough cleaning of the indoor and outdoor coils
  • Checking of the wiring in the indoor and outdoor unit
  • Checking for oil traces in the indoor and outdoor unit
  • Inspection of pipe installation
  • Cleaning of the indoor unit cover
  • Cleaning of the outdoor unit cover
  • Checking the outdoor unit fan bearings for unusual noises
  • Checking the sump heater operation where applicable
  • Spraying the coil and drain pan with foam deodorizer
  • Checking of the drain operation

How often does an air conditioner need to be serviced?

The manufacturer highly recommends having your heat pump maintained annually. This we believe can increase the life expectancy of the machine plus maintain the lowest possible running costs

How much power does an air conditioner use?

The amount of energy that an air conditioner consumes depends on the kilowatt size of the heat pump, the way you operate the heat pump and Aurora Energy costs.

How do i dispose of an old air conditioner? Can I just dump it?

It is a legal requirement that you engage in a licensed refrigeration mechanic to remove the old air conditioner and dispose of it in a correct manner. Air conditioners have regulated gas inside; by dealing with a professional company like Parr’s, we will correctly remove the refrigerant gas and dispose all parts of the unit in an environmentally friendly way.

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